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3D Printing Class I

Entry level workshop

  • Beendet
  • 195 Euro
  • Usingen


A comprehensive workshop that introduces the audience into the basics of 3D printing. Exerpt from the curriculum: 3D printing software, hardware, mechanics - an overview. Popular 3D printers and technologies. Using CAD for 3D printing simplified. Let´s design something for 3D printing! Let´s print out our design! ... This workshops is best suited for private and professional individuals with little or no knowledge of the 3D printing technologies. After this workshop, you will be able to: - Select the appropriate 3D printers for your individual needs. - Design simple objects in CAD - Help yourself with common technical problems in 3D printing. - Print out objects at better quality and speed. Duration: 3 days, 6 hours each theory, 1 day practical workshop ( 1 hr break at noon) Location: Worldwide All costs per user ( 5 Minimum) Prices without travel, hotel and other related expenses if apply. Videoworkshop possible? Yes


  • Neue Straße 32B, Usingen, Deutschland

    06081 9585307

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