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Learn how to detect and extract gold, silver and other precious metals from scrap! Today´s gold rush takes place in urban areas rather than in remote regions. This book shows several typical objectives for precious metal hunting in urban enviroment. Tools and procedures are shown, step-by-step, often with pictures and in a easy understandable language. How can gold and silver be obtained from computers, cars, x-rays, batteries and other everyday objects? A helpful guide for readers who want to know more than the average. Pocket and pocketmoney-friendly pocket edition

Gold from scrap: A handbook for the global urban miner (Urban survival - Pocket

Artikelnummer: 671253175371
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  • Gedrucktes Buch

    Sprache: Englisch

    100 Seiten mit  Abbildungen (s/w)

    Format: 13 x 0.6 x 20 cm

    Gewicht ca. 100g

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